About Us

Thank you for visiting our E-Shop. Here's how it all started. 

In 2013 our owners began working on Edukos as an idea to bring the first Latin American Craft Beer House to market. An obsession with fermentation and family recipes blossomed into a hybrid concept never seen before in the market.

Edukos comes from the latin word "educo" which is where the word education is derived from. Educo means " to draw out " , "to educe", "to develop from within". So #Edukos are people that believe new experiences is real education!


What was our main goal for our fellow edukos? Create a comfortable place like home where guests can come and enjoy a beer & food experience that helps them discover more about the world around them. 

Our Belief Statement: "Discover More Together" is the motto that we live as a brand. We always push for experiences of "Discovery" & "Togetherness". Don't believe us? We own the trademark ; ) 


The idea of Edukos began eight years ago but we got our first location in 2017 located in Little Havana. Since Day One we have been riddled with challenges. Miami riddled by construction left us with NO SIDEWALK for almost 1/2 years. On top of this , in 2017 we were hit by Hurricane Irma with should have been the end of us but we persevered through 14 days of no power in 2017.


Check out our Miami New Times Article "Ready to Die". Click here

But we never gave up for our neighborhood! We continue on today where we are fighting Covid-19 make sure our small business carries on and can be passed down to the next generation. 


Which bring us here today. Still a family owned company featuring Florida products and Mom's recipes to help the world discover more. We can't wait to meet you whether its online or in person. 

In 2020 we started Edukos Beer Shop, the retail side of our beer love and now our first e-commerce website to share beer with the world! Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries and making the world DISCOVER MORE TOGETHER with our in house beer shop.




2013: Brainstorming begins of Edukos 

2014: Brand Development 

2015: Menu // Projection // Operational Development

2016: Pop Ups w/ Purpose! Pop Up events around Miami to test our concept

2017: We open our first location in Little Havana 

          - Start with no sidewalk in 2017

          - Devastated by Hurricane Irma with 14 days of no electricity

2018: Our first year with a full sidewalk 

2019: Rebrand to "BeerHouse" and open "Beer Shop" area in Little Havana. Released our first beer with Yeasty Brews called "Seein Stars".

2020: Create E - Shop by Edukos during Covid 19 Pandemic